Shoot all of them!

About Míčkoflus

It rides, shoots table tennis balls and looks innocent. This is Míčkoflus — robotic kit from Robotárna (department of DDM Helceletova Brno (local youth centre)). The kit was firstly introduced at RoboticCamp 2018.

Unique wooden design

Strong, light and easily buildable. All thanks to wooden design.

5 independent motors

The motors allow Míčkoflus to ride, aim and shoot. You can add encoders to the motors and control them smoothly and precisely.

Smartphone remote control

In basic mode, Mičkoflus can be remotely controlled by smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Suitable for both, beginners and advanced users

Everybody can build the basic model. Accept the challenge! Build a larger ball tray or add a gyroscope and program your own tower stabilization. Then, you will never miss your target!


Don't like shooting? Simply use the electronics and build something new. The control board can drive up to 8 motors and provide enough GPIO pins to connect sensors and other peripherals. Computation power and connectivity is also sufficient thanks to the ESP32 microcontroller. (120 MHz or 240 MHz dual core)

Open source

All the data and documentation about Míčkoflus (mechanic construction, electronics, firmware) are open-source (MIT or CC BY-SA 4.0). You can easily improve it!


The kit was firstly introduced at RoboticCamp 2018. The camp is organized by DDM Helceletova Brno (local youth centre) and it was supported by our partners. Without their help, we would not be able to bring the Míčkoflus kit to the participants of the camp. Thanks to all of them!

Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions can be found on the guide page. Unfortunately, the instructions are available only in Czech language, but there are many pictures and you can try to use Google translation.

Developers team

Jan Mrázek

Jarek Páral

Jakub Streit

Jarek Malec

Vojtěch Boček

Bedřich Said


Do you have a question? Feel free to contact us: info@robotikabrno.cz